Things to Consider When Looking For the Best Website Design for Your Site

Things to Consider When Looking For the Best Website Design for Your Site

Most of us remember the times when the Internet could be accessed only with the help of a computer or laptop. Well, those times are long gone, as people can now use their mobile phones, tablets, even TVs to do the same operation and access the desired information whenever they need. What does this mean? It means that your website will be seen in a variety of ways and displayed on different screens, so you’ll have to make it ready to provide high quality no matter what device a user will choose as a favorite. Of course, you won’t create a website design for each device available on the market, just to make sure that everybody will get what they need. There is a much simpler solution to this and it is called responsive design.

The not so bright aspects

People have very low levels of patience these days when it comes to the loading speed of web pages. In other words, they will quickly abandon websites that take too much time to load. More precisely, websites that take more than 3 seconds to load are considered slow and, therefore, are undesirable. About 40% of Internet users will do so, this is why you need to make sure that the website design you chose will load fast enough. Also, approximately 70% of them will get rid of e-mails that cannot be properly seen on the display of their chosen devices. Thus, a responsive website design will not just provide a fast loading website, but will also make sure that, regardless of the device type a user will utilize, the quality of the image will always be the best.

Whatever you do, do not disregard the importance of your site’s design, because 94% of the people that use the Internet stated that they are more likely to consider a website as being unreliable due to poor web design. So, have this in mind when choosing the design of your site.

The parts that are good

At this point, you probably understood that a responsive design will help your business. But how much will things improve if you opt for this type of design? Well, do take into consideration that almost half of the people with ages between 18 and 29 years old use their smartphones on a daily basis. This means quite a lot of people that use mobile devices all the time. Also, approximately 70% of searches that are generated with the help of mobile devices will trigger an action in less than one hour. This means that there are high chances for a person to make a purchase after visiting an online store with the help of a mobile device.

What you have to do

If you don’t have a responsive website design just yet, then you need to start fixing this aspect as soon as possible. The longer your website stays without such a website design, the bigger will be the number of sales lost. You need to understand that mobile devices are part of our daily lives and that very many people use them for a wide range of operations, which makes responsive website design necessary for the businesses that are looking to meet success.

FOUR Factors to Consider When Choosing a Web Designer

Making the first impressions using the company’s website is effective in business. A company that seeks to be taken seriously must have a properly designed website. Pictures have the capacity of speaking a thousand words; therefore, a well-designed website speaks volumes. Internet users are a click away hence, the website should count. According to studies, most of the internet users evaluate the web pages based on the visual designs. In designing the web pages, it is advisable to pay proper attention to the layout, typography, consistency, images and more. There are thousands of web design companies available in the market. The factors to consider when choosing one include:

Testimonials & customer reviews
Customer reviews and testimonials are an important factor to consider when choosing a website design company. Before choosing one, it is advisable to consider requesting for references. Follow up on customers to gain a deeper understanding about their experiences in the hands of the web designer. Consider speaking with the previous and current website clients about their relationship with the web designer.

Portfolio & design aesthetics
Normally, website designers who have been in business have a portfolio that shows the websites they have created. A company without a portfolio is an indication that they may have entered the business recently. In case a company has a portfolio, it is advisable to determine whether the styles they use meet your expectations.

Once you have scrutinized the testimonials, customer reviews and portfolio, the list of the website development companies shrinks. Consider scheduling an appointment to determine the company’s expertise in HTML code, search engine optimization, interactive content, browser compatibility, load time, etc. The right website design company will be in a position to communicate considerable knowledge.

The cost of the service is a common factor considered when choosing a website designer. However, the cost should not be the sole determining factor. The goal should be geared towards finding a web designer who produces websites that work. If the organization is in the business of selling products and/or services to consumers, it is important to find a designer who is in a position to design websites that attract clients to the business. In case your business in a non-profit company, it is advisable to consider a designer that communicates the work of the business effectively while encouraging others to participate in the undertaking. You will find out that website that helps to achieve the goals of the business is not necessarily the cheapest.

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