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Getting to the top of google

There comes a time when every company says 'It's time we got a website and started making money online - everybody else is doing it' . Well they're not actually !  Less than 1% of website make any money .

Having a website can be considered like having a shop. When you first open a shop, it's  in the high street and customers are walking past / coming in. However when you first 'open' your website 'shop' its like  opening it in a country lane that nobody walks down, not the high street. The reason for this is that  the Search engines (notably google), won't really pay any attention to your website, and it won't appear on the top google pages when people are searching for products you may be selling .

We are primarily a web design company that creates websites for you the customer. However a lot of customers approach us and ask for a website to be created and for it to appear at the top of the google pages.  Unfortunately it's not as simple as that.As we previously said, when you first create a website you 'open' it to an empty street really. This is the same for anybody, big companies too.

Why is this then ?  Well, Google has to have some ways of deciding on the quality / importance / usablity & popularity of  all websites, and then rank them according to these ( and other) factors.

The two main factors it uses are the quality of the content on your site, and the quantity and quality of  links to your site from other websites.


Original relevant written content is very important. Google wants to get it's users to quality sites, where they can find the information they are looking for.  Filling your site with adverts and copied text from other sites, will do absolutely nothing for your site.  Just try to write interesting useful information  (imagine you were reading it yourself), and don't attempt to fill it with keywords. Google know if you're doing this.


There used to be  a time when only the amount of links to your site was the important factor, but now they need to be links from quality decent sites that are relevant to your market, to have any weight with google.  Buying thousands of cheap links in directories won't do you any good whatsoever. Build your links sensibly, methodically, and don't get tempted by cheap / quick links. 

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