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Website Cookies

Cookies are pieces of information that are stored on your computer (within your browsers software), that remember the pages you entered and some of the information you may have entered onto them.

The EU recently introduced legislation that all websites must request the users permission to accept cookies. This is why a lot of websites now have a pop up message at the top of the page, asking the users permission.

So, if this is the law, why don't all websites have then ? Hard to say if this legislation is really enforceable due to the vastness of the web, and the inability of it being policed    A lot of Web Design companies we have spoken are simply ignoring the law, until such a time that it is strictly enforced, i.e they start prosecuting . It is a lot of peoples view that this law will eventually be quietly dropped, so whether it's worth  putting the code on your /  your customers websites is open to debate.

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