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Responsive Web Design

Is your website responsive? You could have the perfect web presence in the virtual world but your web design can be not very useful if it is not responsive to mobile technology. Due to the busy lives that the majority of us lead, this means that more and more of everyday internet usage is done on mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

Therefore when designing a website in the modern world we live in, there are things to be considered to ensure the design of the website meets the continuous needs of the user. It must be designed with multiple platforms and designing a website just for use on a laptop or personal computer is no longer good enough.

Responsive web design means that your website will look exactly the same regardless of the device that is being used. Your images and text should be flexible so they can be resized automatically without the need to compromise on quality. Responsive web design will ensure that the text and images not only are sized correctly but are programmed to recognise what mobile device layout is being used.

Mobile internet traffic is not showing any signs of slowly down, if anything we are becoming more reliant on mobile devices. Smart phones in particular are the trend of the future helping millions of people stay connected to the World Wide Web when they are on the go. The norm of “one size fits all” is no longer the case. Mobiles are not one standard size as everyone has differences preferences will some preferring a larger screen to a smaller one. Same applies with tablets. All mobile devices are unique and is important that responsive web design meets the changing needs in the future.

responsive web designBusinesses just don’t have the time to create a new set of coding for each mobile device. This would be pointless because technology is constantly revolving as new devices are being brought to the market each year.

The most common method of responsive web design is to have a mobile version from a sub domain. This is the most popular method of having a mobile ready website. All the content is captured from the same source of date so that technology will automatically identify what piece of technology is being used without the user being none the wiser. The technology will be able to identify whether the user is using a tablet, a smart phone or even a laptop and ensure the website is minimised perfectly to the screen size without losing any of the content or detail.

Many companies are realising the benefits of using this solution as there are many advantages.

 These include but not limited to:

  • There is no compromise on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). In simple terms as the domain is exactly the same the ranking on search engines will be exactly the same. So if users are using a mobile version you don’t need to expect a decrease in rankings.
  • All branding is the same. Users do not need to go to a different web address/ url as the mobile device will automatically divert to a sub domain.
  • The full version of the website and the mobile version are exactly the same. Therefore the user will be very familiar with the layout and not have to make any compromises.
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