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Open source software is free for everyone, and is a great resource for web design companies.

If you're considering getting a website designed or trying to do one yourself< you will probably have encountered a lot of new terms & phrases. One of these is likely to be 'Open Source Software'.

What is Open Source Software ?

Open source sopftware is basically Free software that's been created by various 'communities ' of developers, and has been made freely available for anybody  to use.

Open source Software isn't just for Web Design, but for it is what we're interested in. There now exists many different open source website frameworks which anybody can download and create their website with.

The most popular of these is something called Joomla.  Joomla is a quite comprehensive CMS  ( content Management system) which you can build your website round.  Without any knowledge of programming / Web design, anybody can get a Website live using Joomla. Getting it looking exactly how you want it would take a bit of learning of HTML , CSS & perhaps photoshop.

Without this knowledge you could still get a decent site live, by using a templtae design (free or paid for are available), which would just be uploaded and automatically installed within yout Joomla CMS system.

After this point you'd then have to create your pages,w which is quite easy to do within joomla.  If your site is to be quite functionl ,and makybe have a gallery or ecommerce, there then exists further Open Source Software, which you can download and install. These are known as modules, componenets & plug-ins  -  Collectively called extensions. You can get pretty mush everything you need open source (free), but also available are paid extensions, which are usually a little better, and have extra features.

Although you can get every common feature that most websites would require for free, it may be that your site may need something 'out of the box'. In which case it would be required to approach a web design company, and hitre the services of a developer.

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