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Is it worth trying to get your web design done free ?

free website designIs there such a thing as free web design ? well yes and no really, it depends what you're looking for in your website.

There are many free online website builders out there, but "there's no such thing as a free lunch" !  You will have many restrictions on the design / bandwidth, and functionality of your website.

As well as this you will also probably be obliged to show free advertisements on your site. If all of these aren't a problem for you, then using one of these would be ok, but· consider the drawbacks first.


1.· Free doesn't always mean free -· It's often the case that 1 or 2 pages may be free, and you then have to pay for any more afterwards.

2.· Likewise with disk space and / or bandwidth - Your bandwidth limits may restrict you to having more than a few pages.

3.· Design restrictions.· You will probably have· some pre-formatted templates you will have to work within, so you'll have trouble getting your website to look exactly how you want it.· You would also probably have very old fashioned looking· 'flat' websites. Complicated design / design effects are almost impossible to achieve through on-line website builders,. and usually need· a good knowledge of various Web coding methods, such as Java, flash, CSS· & HTML.

4.· For the same reasons as above, you would also have limited functionality, meaning your site wouldn't be able to actually do much, it would just be a basic web presence. The only 'interactiity' you might get would be a 'contact form' .

If you only need a couple of pages and weren't looking to be able to· develop your site further, one of these options would be fine.

The other options are to· either teach yourself· Web Design & Development· or to find a decent Web Design Company to meet your requirements.

Teaching yourself Web design would actually cost you more in time and effort than it would to pay for a web designer, although there is another option.

It is possible to· create and edit websites without having to learn absolutely everything.· There are many· 'Open source ' platforms that now exist that allow you to build a website around a framework, without having to do any coding. Although the more you know the more you can do.

These 'open source' platforms are completely free to use and have in built content management systems, and allow you to install extra components such as e-commerce just by uploading and click installing You would have to learn how to configure them, but they are all well documented . They are also template driven so you can install free or paid templates on them quite easily.·· Altering the styling of templates would require some HTML & CSS knowledge , but not· to an 'expert' level. It would also help if you knew your way around photo shop.

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Alternatively, if you don't fancy either of these, choosing from the many Web Design Companies · out there can be a bit daunting, but it needn't be.

Costing your website - Some tips on how much you can expect to pay for your requirements

Web Design Company - Some tips on choosing your web designer.

Web design is constantly changing, and this is often reflected in the wide range of prices and services offered, but if something seems· 'to good to be true' - It usually is.· Getting Web Design on the cheap may be tempting, but like any other service you usually get what you pay for !

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